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GPaste 3.18 released

by Marc-Antoine Perennou on September 21, 2015

Tagged as: GPaste, release, clipboard, gnome.

It’s available there, get it while it’s hot!

This release is the first release for using with with GNOME 3.18 with a lot of new features and cleanup.

“163 files changed, 7334 insertions(+), 3159 deletions(-)”

What’s new?

  • Warning, this is a big release, with changes in API, you might have to kill your old daemon after upgrading
  • The “gpaste” cli is now “gpaste-client”. old name can still be enabled with –enable-cli for now
  • The “gpaste settings” tool is gone, use the “burger” menu from “gpaste-client ui”
  • The graphical tool now allows you to fully manage your histories
  • The graphical tool now allows you to restart the daemon
  • The graphical tool now allows you to edit an element from the history
  • The graphical tool new allows you to upload an element to a pastebin service (requires wgetpaste)
  • The graphical tool now displays the size of each history
  • The graphical tool now displays the index of each element in the history
  • The graphical tool has been slightly redisigned
  • A new gnome-shell search-provider is provided by the daemon
  • When searching e.g. “42”, the 42nd element from hsitory will be included in search results
  • gpaste-client gained a new subcommand: “get-history” to get the name of the current history
  • gpaste-client gained a new subcommand: “replace” to replace the content of an item in the history
  • Compatibility with gnome-shell 3.18
  • The daemon now “works” on wayland using XWayland and gnome-shell 3.18
  • The dbus interface name is now org.gnome.GPaste1
  • The “Empty” dbus method has been renamed “EmptyHistory”
  • The “NameLost” and “ReexecuteSelf” dbus signals are gone
  • Three new dbus signals: “DeleteHistory”, “EmptyHistory” and “SwitchHistory”
  • The daemon gained new dbus methods: GetItemKind, GetElements, GetHistoryName, Replace
  • BackupHistory EmptyHistory and DeleteHistory now take the history as a parameter instead of the current one
  • GPasteClient hasn’t the “name-lost” and “reexecute-self” signals anymore
  • GPasteClient gained three new signals: “delete-history”, “empty-history” and “switch-history”
  • GPasteHistory gained a new “switch” signal
  • GPasteHistory now tracks dconf to switch between histories
  • A few formerly private constructors and methods are now publicly available
  • The way GPaste handles dbus conection and objects have significantly been reworked
  • Everything is now handled using 64bits types (the numeric settings have thus been reset and some max values changed)
  • A lot of code cleanup and rearchitecturation
  • Signals are now properly documented for gobject-introspection and thus bindings
  • Various build system cleanups (gobject-introspection and vapigen are now required to build from git
  • Shell completion updates
  • Translations updates

And don’t forget to run gpaste-client dr aka gpaste-client daemon-reexec after upgrading GPaste to activate new functionalities ;)

You then can run gpaste-client daemon-version to check that the correct daemon is running.


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