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Germinal 7 released

by Marc-Antoine Perennou on January 31, 2015

Tagged as: germinal, terminal, sysadmin.

What is Germinal?

Germinal is a minimaliste terminal emulator based on vte and tmux.

It starts as a maximised borderless window which allows you to have a “fullscreen” terminal not overriding your status bar.

The default startup command attaches a tmux session, but it’s customisable through dconf.

The default startup command requires you to have a ~/.tmux.conf file containing


This will cause tmux to automatically start a new session if you use tmux a and none exists.

How do I get it?

Germinal is available on github

Version 7 release tarball is available here, get it while it’s hot!

What’s new in this release?

  • port to new vte API

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Feel free to propose new features and/or to contribute!