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GPaste 3.7 released

by Marc-Antoine Perennou on November 9, 2013

Tagged as: GPaste, release, clipboard, gnome.

It’s available there, get it while it’s hot!

/!\ EDIT: the tarball contained a typo and has been reuploaded at 12:00 UTC. Please re download if you downloaded before or the gnome-shell extension won’t work.

This release is only compatible with GNOME 3.9.90 and above. if you’re still using an older version, please check GPaste 3.2.2.

What’s new?

  • “Paste and Pop” is now only “Pop”
  • Fix SEGV when deleting last item of history
  • New gnome-shell DBus client library
  • DBus client libraries are now async
  • Keybinder now uses gnome-shell if available to grab keys
  • Preparations for wayland port
  • Enhance internal memory management
  • Code cleanup
  • Misc bug fixes

And don’t forget to run gpaste dr aka gpaste daemon-reexec after upgrading GPaste to activate new functionalities ;)