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Becoming an official Exherbo developer

by Marc-Antoine Perennou on July 7, 2013

Tagged as: exherbo, paludis, source-based, sysadmin.

My experience and evolution

I am not a old great guru with a heavy beard using linux since the 90s. I started using computers quite late, back in year 2000 or such. My first computer was running Windows XP (yes, I know…). Believe it or not, at this time, my computer didn’t attract me at all and I did not want to know more of it.

A couple of years before taking my Bachelor degree, my maths teacher taught me how to write tiny programs to get stuff automatically done on a calculator. This introduction to software writing was like a revelation to me. I decided a few years after to start learning computer sciences, in 2007. I couldn’t stand using this crappy m$ thingie anymore, so I decided to install “linux”, understand "whatever GNU/Linux distribution one would recommend me.

This is how I started using Ubuntu. I stood with it for a little more than a year, starting to learn the basics. After that, I felt it was becoming ugly and sloooooow, so I decided to change. As I said before, I then decided to give Gentoo a try, since I wanted to really start learning a system’s internals. It was quite a good choice and I really learnt a lot.

Contributing to Exherbo

You know after I discovered (and then contributed) to paludis, I decided to switch to another source-based distribution: Exherbo. If statistics are correct, I have contributed to Exherbo for the first time 743 days ago, at the time I’m writing this, which appears to be 2011, June the 25th. Not sure how long I had been using Exherbo before that though.

After 2 years and 1 day of contributions, discussions and support in the Exherbo community, I was finally asked on June, the 26th to join the team and become an official Exherbo developer.

Becoming an Exherbo developer

Exherbo takes a huge place both in my hobbies since I love to contribute to it ( it’s really an easy thing to do) and in my work. Some of my colleagues were running Gentoo on their laptops (which was a little because of me) and I felt quite sad for them, since their system broke quite often (so did mine when I was running Gentoo). With my shiny robust Exherbo system, I convinced them to switch, and they now are full Exherbo users too. Others are even currently switching too. This seem quite logical to us to use for production in our company the distribution we know the best and we know that works the best, so we chose Exherbo. Regarding this both personal and professional involvement into the Exherbo community, I couldn’t say anything but “Yes, of course I’ll join you!”.

So here I am, Exherbo evangelist, and now official developer!